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Rental Trends is Your Virtual Office for Vacation Property Management
Gone are the days when renting out your vacation home meant tons of sticky-note reminders and misplaced renters or even hiring a management company who took as much as 35% of your income! Today there is Rental Trends, the online choice for vacation property owners like you. Rental Trends empowers you with the tools to easily manage the rental process of your vacation property and increase the efficiency of your business. Rental Trends is the easiest way for you to take control of your vacation Rental Properties. With a membership to Rental Trends, you can manage your vacation property reservations from anywhere in the world via the internet.

Manage Your Vacation Properties Faster and Better Than Ever Before
As a web-based system, Rental Trends allows you to manage your reservations via the Internet using your favorite browser - anywhere, anytime. No installation is necessary and your data is more secure than ever.

Track and Manage Your Properties
With Rental Trends, you can easily manage one or more properties and multiple units. Track your income, expenses, number of reservations and more on a per property basis. Create up-to-date schedules for your service personnel (maids, pool maintenance, etc) with just the touch of a button!

Your Renters, The Bread and Butter of Your Business
Information about your past renters is very valuable. Rental Trends helps you to build a customer database which allows for easy marketing to grow your repeat business. Vacation property owners that are successful usually have a significant portion of repeat business. Easily keep track of how individuals found your rental property by creating a personalized list of referrals.

Stay On Top Of Your Reservations
Rental Trends makes it easy to keep track of all your rental activity. At a glance, view a summary of all your reservations. Get complete details of a single reservation simply by clicking on it. Keep track of your reservation payment details such as rates, security deposits, taxes and much more. Never double book again!

Live Availability Calendar
Rental Trends provides the ability for you to create your own customized live availability calendar which links seamlessly into your personal website. Your calendar is updated instantly every time you create or update a reservation. Youíll never have to manually update an availability calendar again. Let Rental Trends do the work for you!

Even the best vacation property owners are doomed to make mistakes if they donít have a management system to keep their reservations organized. Sign up now for FREE and begin taking charge of your Vacation Rentals today!

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