Being tested

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Being tested

Postby Troy on Wed Dec 10, 2008 1:03 pm

The other day I received a check from a guest that is coming this summer.
When I saw the check I thought it was one of those checks that comes from a car dealership. It came in a business envelope so I was a little confused. When I looked closer I recognized the name on the check.
The interesting thing is that the check was made out for 10x what it should have been. I guess the guest added a zero when he made out the check online.

I of course called the guest right away and explained the situation. He was very happy I did not cash the check.
It would have been a nice little Christmas gift, but of course the right and only thing to do is give the guest the opportunity to mail me a check for the correct amount.

Usually the check is made out for less or not signed or something not in my favor. It is nice to see a mistake in my favor for a change.
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