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RentalTrends is dedicated, first and foremost to providing a vacation home management software that is powerful, convenient (web-based) and easy to use to aid you in managing your own property, so you can have the best rental experience possible. By combining new technology with traditional concepts, we aim to create the most powerful and entertaining vacation homeowner community on the web. From seasoned professionals to the new vacation home owners, there is always something new to learn.

Since our goal is to create a rental management web site with the features that YOU want, please email us at info@RentalTrends.com with any concerns, problems or
ideas on how this site can better suit your needs.

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History of Rental Trends

RentalTrends started out of necessity for founder, Jeff Olivier. He owned 2 vacation homes that he rented out only a few times each year to help pay for the utilities and taxes.

Like most vacation home owners, Jeff used his cell phone as his way for potential renters to contact him, AND like most vacation home owners, Jeff had a full-time 8 to 5 job.

To keep track of his renters, Jeff started out making notes on Post-Its. This soon became very cumbersome, so he tried keeping the information in his Palm Pilot, but found this to also be tough with all of his rental dates being mixed in with his normal busy schedule. Next, he set up a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to try and keep up with the many reservations he was getting.

When a renter would call Jeffís cell phone to make a reservation, he [Jeff] might be at work or home, or even worse, he might be out of town on vacation or visiting friends and relatives. Jeff looked very unprofessional when he didnít have accurate information in front of him and often times had to call renters back when he had his Excel sheet opened up in front of him.

To help him out, Jeff would end up emailing his Excel sheet from his office to his home and then back to his office. Once in a while he would forget or even not be able to email this document to one of the destinations causing him not to have accurate information in front of him when a potential renter calls.

Finally, Jeff became fed up with this routine and started Rental Trends for himself. Rental Trends became very powerful and easy to use, so he let a few vacation home owner friends use it. Unsurprisingly, thoes friends raved about how it made them more organized, itís ease of use, and powerful tools. With a few suggestions from them, the public version of Rental Trends was unleashed!

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